How to overcome a major beard obstacle and get closer to your lady

How to overcome a major beard obstacle and get closer to your lady

Gentlemen, what is the top excuse you hear from guys that don’t grow their beards out?

The gimme is that they just can’t grow a beard, but we’ve addressed some of that already, and most of the time it isn’t truly the case.  Right behind that is usually that their ladies don’t like the feel of their scratchy beards.  

Now some women truly do not find facial hair attractive, and to each their own, but often that is not the case.  A heavy stubble is often considered one of the most attractive looks on a man by women, but the feel of that beard during intimate moments can become the fatal flaw of a young beard.  

Beard burn is a real thing, and we are going to give you some tips on how to address it, so that you can keep your beard and your lady.

Keep It Soft and Clean

Just like any other hair, your beard needs to be cleaned and conditioned.  Many ladies have been driven off by the funk of an unwashed beard full of sweat and food in a longer beard, which is as bad a halitosis in an intimate setting.   A clean and healthy beard is less prone to breakage, which means that you are going to have fewer wild and jagged hairs that can stick her.  

In a shorter beard it is even more critical to condition your beard to help prevent beard burn.  Use gentle cleansing products that are pH balanced to keep the hair cuticles closed. This will help your beard maintain a sleek and healthy appearance. It will also help to keep your beard soft and moisturized.

Using beard oil daily, will help maintain moisture in your skin and beard, keep it soft, and combat irritation. It can also give your beard a fantastic fragrance. The lighter citrus of our Charisma scent is a female favorite.

Let It Grow

Short, sharp, spiky beard hairs will wreak havoc on a lover's face.  In general, if your beard is in the 1-2 week growth stage, your lady will be most susceptible to your beard.  Depending on your beard’s texture, it could vary from just a couple days to a few weeks before it feels coarse and sharp.  The test is to rub your beard with the back of your hand. It’s more sensitive than your fingers and is a better indicator of how your partner feels.  To minimize any pain or redness, maintain at least a medium length to your beard, about 4-6 weeks growth, and trim instead of shaving clean.  

Trim Your Mustache

The overall concept of irritation basically vanishes the longer your beard gets, but with the longer beard comes another potential pitfall.  Longer mustaches often accompany long beards.  It’s a great look and we won’t say anything to discourage it, but if you are keeping your lady in mind, she might not appreciate sucking on your ‘stache during a kiss.

Just use a pair of small scissors or a narrow trimmer to shape your mustache around your lips and keep it short enough that the hair doesn’t curl into your mouth.  Also be on the lookout for unruly mustache hairs.  Nothing will make your lady back up quicker than getting stabbed in the nose by a wild mustache hair.  It really doesn’t set the mood well. (As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.)

You can also use a mustache wax to help tame and shape your hair so that it avoids your mouth altogether.  You’ll want to make sure that your wax doesn’t leave an unpleasant taste, because that’s not going to fly with her either.

Give Her Some Gifts

If all of your prevention still leaves your lady’s face rosy, then the least you can do is provide her with some remedies to help sooth her, so that you can get through the rough patch, and let your beard live to grow another day.

Having her moisturize prior to your encounter will help.  After the fact, applying a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera can help.  Something like  Burt’s Bees Sensitive Night Cream with cotton extract will be a big hit and keep you in the game.

Finally, help her switch up her exfoliating routine.  Removing the dead cells from the skin’s surface leaves the underlying healthy, living cells more exposed and prone to irritation.  If she is already suffering from beard burn then exfoliating will make the problem worse.  Shifting this routine to several hours before you meet up can help, but it may be best to just hold off for few weeks until your beard gets a bit more length.

We hope that these tips will give your beard and relationship a chance to live in harmony.

Until next,

Redbeard Grooming Co.

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